Episode 32 - What even is this

Maybe we didn't prepare well for this episode or maybe, just maybe, the gaming industry doesn't have exciting news each week and sometimes the best we have to work with (beyond our own nonsense) is Ninja moving from 1 Streaming Platform to another with an exclusivity deal. We also cover the August games coming out which is sadly not all that exciting either! We do talk a bit about movies, which is not normal for us but it's brief and we get back on track. TLDR: Chris hates good movies.


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  • Life Updates:

    • Pat:

      • Finally got a new headset - GSP 300, sounds much better when compared with previous recordings.

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris:

      • Been playing Hades, Epic store exclusive

    • Pat:

      • League - go figure. haha.

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Ninja moves to Mixer platform Exclusively

    • August Releases -- noteworthy:

      • WoW Classic

      • Blair Witch

    • Current Free Epic Game

      • Alan Wake

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?