Episode 10 - video game violence

In this episode of PPG we discuss our thoughts on Video Game Violence and how it has impacted us as individuals and what the studies say about it or is it just a political statement? We do a follow up between the two of us on what we've been playing lately and we get de-railed a bit by talking about Shadow, Cats, and some of the games coming out for March 2019. Chris also ends up telling us a story about being in a mark-up store? Honestly, what even is this episode.

Thanks for listening though, we hope you enjoy it!

If it says equivalent to 1080 then just give me a 1080.
— Chris

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  • Updates on our individual gaming recently

    • Patrick is frustrated with Apex

    • Chris has a love hate relationship with FFXIV

  • Video Game Releases for March

  • We talked about Gamefly and get on the topic of Shadow, again…

  • Video Game Violence

    • We talk about some violent games in the past

    • Rating system

    • What’s the impact?

  • Cats! We talk a bit about our cats and how wholesome dogs would be if they could talk.

I’ll be a shit scientist!
— Patrick