episode 6 - toxicity in gaming

In this episode our big topic is toxicity in gaming and why people feel a need to be so nasty to each other, especially in competitive games. We also talk about Diablo 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, Metro Exodus and their exclusive deal with the Epic Game Store. Little bit of time is spent talking about the potential of a new (cheaper) Nintendo switch coming up potentially by the end of 2019. 

I can feel the toxicity slowing coursing through my veins now.
— patrick

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  • The gang kicks it off by going over the new “in the works” Nintendo Switch.

    • What they’re cutting out and would you have external options to bring those features back?

    • Would you buy it?

    • Pat wants more Pokemon games!

    • Should other companies bring back handhelds?

    • Let’s hope that it is successful and motivates other companies to do the same with their systems.

  • Diablo 4 is in the works!

    • What do they want to see happen with Diablo 4?

    • Chris is really hoping they make the game P2W.

    • Auction house? Split opinion on this one

    • How does Pat manage to bring Guild Wars into this?

  • Chris did buy Kingdom Hearts 3!

    • Chris gives his overall rating and his likes / dislikes.

    • Pat really likes Aladdin… specifically this scene.

  • Toxicity in gaming.

    • Metro community backlash. Deserved? Ridiculous?

    • How much is too much?

    • Can flaming be ok if it is just in the spirit of competition?

    • Pat has been chat muted. He’s rude.

    • Anonymity behind a keyboard doesn’t change things.

There’s a point where he goes back and Batman dies because of him... and I love that about him
— Chris