Episode 28 - Stranger things, like anime

NO SPOILERS for Stranger Things 3! I promise, we preserve the show for you -- hush hush is how we keep it on this one but we talk about recent new games purchased through the Steam sale, upcoming Anime and some light gaming news. We manage to get on the topic of gambling again... because, Patrick. We discuss some PC hardware releases, live action Final Fantasy show coming and Patrick playing League.


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  • Life Updates:

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris:

      • Bought Monster Hunter

        • Got it refunded

      • Played Enter The Gungeon and Wizard Legends

        • Wizard is hard, Gungeon is boring so far lol

      • Haven't played Faster Than Light

      • Playing Detroit Become Human

        • Free PSN after Sony removed PES

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • EA Access coming to PS4 users

      • Monthly fee $4 but lots of free games

    • Tenno Con happened this weekend

      • New frames and updated - I have no clue didn't watch any of it

    • Atlas showing teasers of Persona 5 Royal

      • Definitive version of the original, has overhauls to the story

        • Chris might pick up this in the future

    • Not related to gaming… but new animated series based on Akira is in the works

    • Ryzen Gen 3 finally competitive in the gaming realm, beating out Intel in a lot of the benchmarks

    • Final Fantasy TV Series

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?