The Purrfect Blog


Will this become the “Purrfect” blog?

Hardly. I don’t consider myself much of a word-smith, but like many, I like to throw the words out there to see what happens and this will be that place. Here I’ll talk about the behind the scenes, our lives (or at least my own), and what’s to come for our blog as we work more and more on developing content for those of you willing to support us.


With that in mind I find it only fitting to start by talking about support, something of which we’ve received a great deal of. Patrick and I have had several conversations around our own surprise on the support given to us around this podcast. Neither of us really have (or still do) have much of an idea as to what we’re doing, yet we’ve managed to somehow carve out a following. No matter how small that following, both of us feel incredibly grateful and that feeling only compounds as we continue and others join in to support our podcast.

Our goal is to continue to grow and continue to deliver solid content with a focus on improving. We know right now that our audio quality is a limitation for us and it will be improved at some stage down the road as we work on investing both time and money into this project. While I can’t speak for Patrick, I can say that for me, this has become a passion project that I’ve enjoyed working on almost daily. I hope that passion shows in the content we provide and that we feel that we serve you well with what we deliver.


It’s been two months now since the release of our first episode and I’m enjoying the process more and more each week. We’ve got a much better understanding as to how to put the content out there, how to go about delivering it during the recording process, and we talk about topics further in the future or guests that we’d like to have join us. We’re future forward with this right now and treating it a bit like a side hustle. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be throwing ads onto the show tomorrow though, or realistically, anytime soon. We want to be content and community driven first and foremost before we even bother worrying about trying to re-coup some of the money that has gone into this podcast to bring it up to the level it is currently at.

We’re here to have fun, spend quality time together, and hopefully make a few of you smile or laugh along the way.