Episode 17 - Playstation 5 specs

This week on PPG we hear about the upcoming vacation that Patrick will be taking and in the mean-time, a cat fight breaks out during the episode?! We cover some of the news that has come out regarding the disc-less Xbox One S, the Playstation 5 Specs, and the very dull gaming release schedule for May. At the end, it’s time for AYFKM (Are You Fucking Kidding Me) -- Chris has something to contribute this week but let's be honest... it's really about Patrick being the star of this segment with his salty tears.

It’s a useless! hahaha
— Patrick
Hey Alexa, remind me, 28 years — tell Chris he’s a dick
— Patrick

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  • Life Updates:

    • Pat is going on vacation for a week, send him good vibes. Hope he has a great week!

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris has been checking out World War Z which seems to be a bit of a sleeper hit for this year. It looks surprisingly good. Check it out below!

  • Gaming / Tech News

    • Playstation 5 Specs were announced, AMD is providing the CPU and GPU. We’ll be getting a special made SSD for this system which could potentially eliminate loading screens for many of the games moving forward.

      • Backwards compatibility with PS4!

    • Xbox One Disc-Less addition being released for those that prefer digital copies of games.

    • May Releases are below!

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • Chris had some run ins with a random boss in Warframe which is showing up at the worst moments. He wants to kill it but it didn’t go well.

    • Patrick still hasn’t finished that mission on Runescape and he’s as salty as ever about it.

Untitled picture.png
I don’t even know if I’m going to want to see you in 28 years, Pat.
— Chris