Episode 30 - pat needs a headset?

In this episode we spend WAY too much time talking about headsets and microphones. Pat went down the rabbit hole of looking for a new headset as his cat (Ekko) has been nibbling on his current one. He is even willing to give up wireless functionality?! We also talk about Chris moving over the weekend and how it poorly impacted his cat (Houdini). Finally we hit the gaming news which has some interesting stuff about the predatory practices that gaming companies use to trick you into buying more content within their games. 


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  • Life Updates:

    • Chris moved this weekend and his cat is as traumatized as ever.

      • Since this episode was recorded… New York has officially made declawing illegal!

  • Loading Screen:

    • Pat talks about the League tournament, still undefeated and no idea which week is the finals… Who runs this shit.

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Hyper Drift Laptop

      • Looks sweet, keyboard shifts down exposing some additional fans

    • UK still looking at banning games that are available for children with monetization

    • Video Surfaces with developer giving a lecture on how to manipulate consumers into spending more money on their games and the practices they use

      • Check out the great video below by YongYea!

    • AMD 5700 and 5700 XT cards are out… and AMD price cut them immediately ($40 each card)

      • Admits their original announced pricing was a trap for nvidia to over-price their Super lineup.

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?