Welcome to our Now Page, a brief overview of what we’re focusing on as well as our accomplishments over the last 12 months.


What Chris is doing now

Updated May 25th, 2019

Recent Wins:

  • Debt Free as of May 2019

  • Finished reading Total Money Make-Over by Dave Ramsey, for the second time.

  • Added several new recipes to my cooking “rotation”

    • Tofu Scramble

    • Ginger Stir Fry

    • Cashew Chive Sauce

      • Blended a little rough it can be a dip too

What I’m Learning:

  • Focusing time on Data Science — specifically learning more Python and R language skills to improve my data analytic abilities.

  • Nutrition, specifically plant-based whole foods and navigating the confusing world of what I should and should not be giving my body.

  • Podcast development - how to grow and develop our podcast without being focused on the wrong things. I’m focusing on growth of a community who genuinely enjoy our content — not just growth for the sake of it.

  • Investments — recently I became debt free and now I get the pleasure of navigating investments and how to put my money to work for me.

What I’m Reading:

What I’m Listening to:

  • If you’re interested in my daily go to playlist then you can find it here — on Spotify. It is continuously updated with various types of music.


What patrick is doing now

Work in Progress