Episode 26 - Lootboxes & steam sale

Let’s talk about Lootboxes — we have a bit of a back and forth around EA’s recent “Surprise Mechanics” decision to try and get around the negative spotlight for Lootboxes. A bit of random discussions come up about Netflix series, life happenings, and the upcoming Steam Summer Sale!


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  • Life Updates:

    • Chris:

      • Took Houdini to the vet this past week for Anal Gland Expression… sigh. Looks like it will be a constant issue.

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris:

      • Played and completed all the Spider-man DLC, pretty good content!

      • Playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

        • Considered the spiritual successor to Castlevania, it’s good but probably not work the $35 asking price on steam (that’s with 10% off).

    • Pat:

      • Gambling more on Runescape — now “Staking” with other players

      • Good progress on the League of Legends tournament, 2-0 currently!

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • EA trying to rename lootboxes… surprise mechanics?

      • Check out this great video from Jimquisition on the microtransaction topic, shown below.

    • Steam Sale

      • Let’s go buy some games!

    • July Game Releases

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?