episode 16 - lcs finals and board games

On PPG this week we’re looking at changing things up and adding a bit more structure to how we do the show so you know roughly what to expect on a week to week basis. This is a trial, we’re certainly looking for feedback on these segments and how you feel they impact our show. Like we’ve done previously, we’ll talk about gaming news, and gaming tech but some addition segments that are a little more organic and fun for us!

With that being said, we cover LCS (League of Legends) Spring Finals, Board Games, WoW Changes, and Pat’s horrible experiences in Runescape.

I can’t give a preview or else I’m just going to start.
— Patrick
Runescape is just one big flex on other people, that’s all the game is.
— Patrick

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  • Changes coming to the podcast as we learn how we want to structure it moving forward, here is the plan:

    • Cat / Life Updates

    • What we’re playing (Loading Screen)

    • Gaming / Tech News

    • Are you fucking kidding me? (We rant)

  • Loading Screen

    • Patrick has yet to buy DMC5, what a loser.

    • Chris loves watching people suffer on Sekiro. Doesn’t plan to play it himself but it’s fun to watch the world burn.

  • Gaming / Tech News

    • Blizzard gear system getting overhauled with a new patch. Apparently with the latest expansion players hate some of the gear grinding they have to do or something? I don’t know but WoW fans are probably pretty happy!

    • Splinter Cell returning? Not sure what to feel about this as it’s been a long time. I do miss the funny Bob & Steve Chaos Theory Videos

    • Octopath Traveler coming to Steam in June, according to a leak. Chris has played it but doesn’t know the main story? Did he actually play it? Regardless, he says he really enjoys it.

    • Chris is buying an Arcade cabinet? That would sick. Check this thing out!

    • Board games, are you aware of how cool they can be? Chris and Patrick chat about some of their favorite board games they’ve played and you get to hear how they met each other. Adorable.

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • As you would expect… Patrick is the first to have something to say on this. It’s about Runescape - no spoilers here. Enjoy this segment.

Oh, are you a dark souls veteran? We’re going to brutalize you.
— Chris