Episode 9 - hardest boss fights

In this episode, we talk about some of the hardest boss fights we've experienced over the years but what we really discover is how much of a monster people can be without you ever really knowing. We'll also discuss a bit about Anthem, the newest game from Bioware, and Patrick will give some tips on improving your game play at Apex since he's a master. Basically. Hope you enjoy this episode, don't forget to check out our next website, launched last week.

Chris... Chris... I... I got an instant feedback report today
— Patrick

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  • Pat may end up blogging here on the site, keep an eye out for that potential content!

    • Pat was given administrative access to our site which may have been a mistake.

  • Final Fantasy XIV has a free 30 day trail available through Twitch Prime, check it out.

    • You get 15 extra days if you make it to level 30.

    • Chris and Pat are both in the game on the Primal Diabolos Server, if you want to play with us then let us know on Discord!

  • Apex Tips by Pat

  • Gaming Burn Out

    • We discuss how to play games and maintain relationships.

    • Chris burns out on games almost immediately.

  • Hardest Boss Fights

  • Lineage 2 Story Time

    • Chris tells us a story about when he was a monster as a teenager.

We literally ruined it for ourselves.
— Chris