Episode 3 - fortnite being sued?

In this episode we talk a bit more about cats than we have in the past episodes. Patrick talks about his new kitten “Ekko”, and some of the challenges he is currently facing with him. CES has come and gone so we chat about some of the cool tech that was released at the show this year. Moving into the gaming discussion it is ruled by Fortnite and the lawsuits popping up against them regarding their in-game dances. We also talk about more news from Activision and the changes happening within that company. We also get into a discuss about Early Access and how we feel about it in the gaming industry. Is it just a money grab?

The anticipatate, the anticipatate... oh my lord... the anticipation.
— chris
Now I have to invest in one just to break it.
— patrick

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  • Discussed “Ekko”, Patrick’s new kitten

  • CES Announcements

    • Roll up OLED TV

    • 8k OLED TVs

      • Patrick learns about TruMotion (aka Soap Opera Effect).

    • Folding Phone

    • Pharrell? What is he doing here?

    • New GPUs

      • Specifically the Radeon VII GPU announced by AMD.

      • Launching in February @ $699 price point

    • New Razor Monitor

      • Worth the price?

      • We discuss Razor products, quality, and the price premium that seems to come with their products.

  • Podcast Setup

    • We discuss briefly the setup of how Chris’ records the podcast and his “struggles”.

    • Patrick likes curved monitors because he finds the idea appealing to roll them up.

  • Jerry Rig

    • We discuss Jerry’s painful, yet satisfying, durability testing. Check him out!

  • Keyboards

  • Activision - Bungie

    • They love to be in the news recently it seems like

    • Chris is excited for Bungie to separate from Activision and hopefully deliver Destiny 3 on their terms.

    • Patrick discusses some of his frustrations with Destiny 2 and the impact of Activision on this franchise.

  • Early Access

    • What kind of impact does this have on the industry?

      • Money grab for some companies?

    • Patrick is 100% on board with Early Access games.

  • Fortnite Being Sued

    • People who supposedly “created” these dance moves are suing Fortnite because they’ve added them into the game.

    • Discussing intellectual property.

    • Sidenote: If you’re a copyright lawyer we’d like to hear your thoughts on this!

In actuality, I spent 10 minutes chasing the cat through the house with the sticker.
— Chris