Episode 20 - Final Fantasy 7 remake

The episode 20 milestone is here and we're happy to have you here with us. We get to talk Randy Pitchford a little more this episode as he gets accused of assault and even though he typically enjoys putting his foot in his mouth and playing the victim about everything... he's oddly silent about this accusation?

We're still excited for Borderlands 3 though, all the same.

Final Fantasy 7 came out with a new trailer with VOICE ACTING and we discuss our thoughts on what we are expecting from the remake. We'll really get to see more during E3 in June -- fingers crossed that we get to see some Summons? Bahamut Zero? Odin? TYPHON?

Finally Pat goes on a bit of a rage regarding League of Legends. Classic.

BA-HA-MUT, Bahamut
— Patrick

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  • Life Updates:

    • Chris:

      • Finished building a computer for our friend Matt! We may have him on our podcast in the future as he’s working on his YouTube channel

      • Will be starring (already starred on by now) a podcast, called, Stranger Than Christian - Check it out!

    • Patrick:

      • He’s sick and his life is dull - his words.

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris has been playing Warframe — go figure. There was a Wolf Event for 48 hours and just like that he’s got the hammer with such little effort. Thanks to the devs for this even though it crashed the Wolf Hammer market.

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

      • New video came out with game play — check out below!

      • More to come at E3?! Thank god KH3 is finally out so we can get this game completed!

    • Borderlands 3 Drama

      • Thanks Randy Pitchford for the reliable content you’ve provided over the past couple weeks.

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • Pat… and Runescape, you know what this is going to be about if you’ve been listening previously.

I’ve gotten so use to wearing fucking pajama pants.
— Chris