Episode 5 - February video game releases

In this episode we talk more about Final Fantasy X and the joint play-through we’ve started since the previous week. Resident Evil 2 is finally out so we talk in details about the thoughts and quality of that game and bring up Kingdom Hearts 3 once again, for some reason. We discover how Chris avoided botulism, what an idiot and we talk about the current season of Diablo 3 - Season 16. Lastly February is around the corner so we’ll cover the upcoming games that we’re excited to see next month!

I’m moving forward! We’ve got story to get through!
— Patrick

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  • Patrick and Chris talk about starting their Final Fantasy X Remaster playthrough, and talk about comparisons to the original.

  • Resident Evil 2 is out! Chris gives his opinion on if it lived up to his expectations or not. Pat doesn’t do that because he is stingy.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3… will Chris buy it? Will he not? He’s not too pleased with the reviews so that’s a telling sign. Pat does not have a PS4, so no chance of him getting it.

  • Chris gives his Game of the Year 2018 and Pat says he’ll look into getting it (he won’t).

  • Penn Jilette’s Book - Presto!

  • Chris has a potato obsession and narrowly avoided botulism.

  • Diablo 3 comes up.

    • Chris is unsure if he wanted to play the new season (then admits to playing it too much and it put off his editing of the episode.)

    • Patrick gets harassed because of Chris playing Diablo.

    • They go over what caused Chris to change how he liked to play Diablo, and they go over their experience in the current season.

  • The gang goes over upcoming February releases and what they are looking forward to… sadly, not much.

I love how of all the food you could have picked, you picked soup
— patrick