Episode 11 - Favorite retro games

On this episode of PPG we talk a bit about Devil May Cry 5 which finally arrived and looks fantastic! It's received some incredible reviews and though Patrick has been very excited we'll have to wait to hear his complete review on a future episode.

Did we mention that Pat is banned from Apex Legends? Yeah, we'll cover that.

Our main topic is a discussion about some of our favorite Retro games over the years, we get a bit nostalgic with each other on this one and it's a nice wholesome topic since we have a topic that isn't so wholesome lingering in this episode. We hope you enjoyed it - check out our website for links and notes to the games we discussed and join our discord to tell us about your favorite retro games!

You could come over and play it at my house.
— Patrick

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  • Pat managed to get himself banned in Apex Legends… granted, it wasn’t really his fault.

  • DMC 5

    • Neither of us have bought it but it looks fantastic!

    • Pat should be buying it in the near future and we’ll be able to discuss it a bit more.

  • Steam Removes a game from their store.

    • We don’t know what to believe - is this real or a troll?

Favorite retro game list


+ Game 1

Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins - Trailer

+ Game 2

Earth Worm Jim - Trailer

+ Game 3

Mega Man 2 - Trailer

+ Game 4

Turok - Trailer

+ Honorable Mention

Legends of Dragoon - Trailer


+ Game 1

Battletoads - Trailer

+ Game 2

Altered Beast - Trailer

+ Game 3

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night - Trailer

+ Game 4

Mortal Kombat - Trailer

+ Game 5

Ninja Gaiden - Couldn't find!

+ Honorable Mentions

Tomba 2 - Trailer

But they do cause you to scream FATALITY, run at kids, and throw kicks.
— Chris