Episode 12 - eSports and college

In this episode of PPG we discover that Chris has a firm stance on student loans and he uses the podcast as a platform to rant a bit about his views on debt and how it relates to eSports. Granted, it does relate but who knew he was so opinionated? Right, we all did. 

We give an update on our cats this week since it's been a few weeks on that topic and Patrick gives an updated on his Apex ban that he talked about last week. Our major topic this week is discussing scholarships, college esport clubs, and potential job opportunities in the esports industry. 

So... Give it back.
— Patrick

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  • Patrick remains banned in Apex but he’s started another account - there is no stopping him.

    • He wants Apex to punish the right people but sadly our Podcast doesn’t have the pull to make them do what we want… yet.

  • Chris says infestation too much, way too much.

  • Shadow, yes we’re talking about this again.

    • Chris has been using it recently and talks a bit about his experience and struggles with it.

  • eSports and Colleges

    • We find out that Chris has quite an opinion when it comes to student debt.

    • Scholarships, Management Degrees, and future prospects?

It’s not like you have a black widow infestation.
— Chris