episode 8 - eSports w/ Special guest!

In this episode of PPG we have another special guest (Isaac aka Peggins) with us! We talk about eSports and the struggles of that competitive arena, but mostly the discussion is around League of Legends (NA LCS). Activision is once again brought up for, what seems to be, their toxic work culture that they've created and the mass layoffs that they are doing. We get the top 5 games from Isaac, since we require that to be part of the show and we also talk a little bit about Houdini now that we've got back her blood work and she continues her anxiety medication.

Disclaimer: There were some troubles with Peg's microphone during the recording of this session.

Did you shit talk your dad?
— patrick

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  • Welcome to PPG if you’re new to our Podcast!

  • Updates on Houdini

    • Blood-work results

    • Impact of anxiety meds?

    • Bacon-Paste we discussed.

  • Special Guest - Isaac (aka Peggins)

    • Check out his blog!

    • Isaac is about to be a father, any day now.

  • Activision Culture Toxicity

    • Chris has a strong opinion about company cultures

  • League of Legends Pro Scene

    • How the season is playing out currently

    • Will Team Liquid beat TSM today?!

  • eSports

    • Mental stress of eSports


Isaac top 5

+ Game 1

Pokemon Blue - Trailer

+ Game 2

Borderlands - Trailer

+ Game 3

Battlefield 2 - Trailer

+ Game 4

Super Mario World (SNES) - Trailer

+ Game 5

Halo 2 - Trailer

Leaders don’t sacrifice others so that they may gain, they sacrifice themselves so that others my gain
— Chris but mostly Simon Sinek