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We hope you enjoy our site, but more importantly, our podcast. If you’re new here then be warned that we tend to get off topic while discussing the topic we’ve lined up for ours. If you’ve got suggestions, feedback, or topics you’d like to hear us discuss feel free to contact us through the website or via Twitter.


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episode 30 - pat needs a headset?

July 24th

In this episode we spend WAY too much time talking about headsets and microphones. Pat went down the rabbit hole of looking for a new headset as his cat (Ekko) has been nibbling on his current one. He is even willing to give up wireless functionality?! We also talk about Chris moving over the weekend and how it poorly impacted his cat (Houdini). Finally we hit the gaming news which has some interesting stuff about the predatory practices that gaming companies use to trick you into buying more content within their games.

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EPISODE 29 - Should you support g2a?

July 18th, 2019

Title says it all this week... We're going to talk about G2A and some of the news surrounding them and why developers would rather have you torrent their games instead of buying them through G2A. We've got some other gaming topics to discuss and we cover Pats journey through this League of Legends tournament he's been in for several weeks now. Lastly, Massachusetts is trying to ban cat declawing - thank goodness! Pat is a resident of the state and will be looking into how he can support this legislation!

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episode 28 - stranger things, like anime

July 10th, 2019

NO SPOILERS for Stranger Things 3! I promise, we preserve the show for you -- hush hush is how we keep it on this one but we talk about recent new games purchased through the Steam sale, upcoming Anime and some light gaming news. We manage to get on the topic of gambling again... because, Patrick. We discuss some PC hardware releases, live action Final Fantasy show coming and Patrick playing League.

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Episode 27 - Steam Store shopping!

July 3rd, 2019

This week we're making an effort to avoid all the bullshit negative issues happening in the gaming industry. Of course there is nonsense happening with large gaming companies we could discuss but it gets old and it's almost expected at this point for these companies to behave the way they do. Instead we shop on steam, which we didn't intend but we did it anyhow. We also discuss GDQ as they wrapped up another event (their biggest fundraiser yet!), and talk briefly about a few other topics like Chris' text based game he's been working on.

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episode 26 - lootboxes & steam sale

June 26th, 2019

Let’s talk about Lootboxes — we have a bit of a back and forth around EA’s recent “Surprise Mechanics” decision to try and get around the negative spotlight for Lootboxes. A bit of random discussions come up about Netflix series, life happenings, and the upcoming Steam Summer Sale!

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Episode 25 - declawing cats - just say no

June 19th, 2019

In this episode we're talking about something that we take very seriously -- Cat Declawing. We bring it up due to the recent bill being passed in New York to make it illegal to declaw your cat in that state, which would make NY the first state in the USA to do this. Making this practice illegal should be done in all states and there are plenty of countries that do not allow it -- we should be one of them. 

We also talk about games, mostly E3 but for once cat get some well deserved attention for this one.

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Episode 24 - google stadia details

June 12th, 2019

Short episode this week! We didn't have much going on so we kept it short and sweet with the majority of the content being about the details that were released for Google Stadia, Microsoft bringing more xbox games to PC, and discussing some more about expectations for E3. We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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Episode 23 - E3 wishlist

June 5th, 2019

This week on the episode Pat and Chris both have some life updates happening and we even get some cat stories out of the way! A lot happened at Computex the previous week so we talk about those announcements and cover the recently announced Death Stranding trailer and release date for the game... which is landing sooner than expected. Lastly this week we cover E3 as it is right around the corner and we go through our personal Wish List items of what we'd like to see announced at E3 this year. 

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Episode 22 - Pat Goes gambling

May 29th, 2019

In this weeks episode we cover a flurry of short, meaningless topics that no one cares about. Chris tells us about all the games he's not playing because he managed to burn himself out of video games... probably from playing 200 hours of Warframe over the last 2 months. Pat starts Season 17 of Diablo 3 and basically hates it already, and we discuss some of the potential announcements for Computex 2019, but that's going to be more detail for next week. Lastly we discuss Pat and his gambling addiction -- goodness it is terrible.

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Episode 21 - adult video games

May 22nd, 2019

Another week of PPG is among us and this episode got off the rails in a big way -- as if we don't already do that enough during this show.

Chris and Patrick discuss a bit about life updates, cats (RIP Grumpy Cat, sorry for the spoilers if you didn't know), and then get into the gaming news with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and finally wrapping it up with Mobile gaming. Wait a second though -- why is this label as Adult video games? 

Yeah. That's where we get off topic, we end up discussing adult video games for a good portion of the show and Chris talks about HuniePop -- which he claims is actually a good game despite the material it is based around!

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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episode 20 - final fantasy 7 remake

May 15th, 2019

The episode 20 milestone is here and we're happy to have you here with us. We get to talk Randy Pitchford a little more this episode as he gets accused of assault and even though he typically enjoys putting his foot in his mouth and playing the victim about everything... he's oddly silent about this accusation?

We're still excited for Borderlands 3 though, all the same.

Final Fantasy 7 came out with a new trailer with VOICE ACTING and we discuss our thoughts on what we are expecting from the remake. We'll really get to see more during E3 in June -- fingers crossed that we get to see some Summons? Bahamut Zero? Odin? TYPHON?

Finally Pat goes on a bit of a rage regarding League of Legends. Classic.

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episode 19 - borderlands & epic games

May 8th, 2019

Welcome to another week of PPG, we've got a lot to cover this week! Borderlands 3 Gameplay came out so we spend a good bit of time talking about our thoughts on what looks like a promising addition to the borderlands series. Gearbox Randy Pitchford loses his shit on twitter, which seems normal for him and Epic Games purchases the Rocket League Developer. This, of course, leads to all the review bombing you could ever want on steam... which we also talk a bit about because we. just. don't. get. it.

Few other minor topics thrown in there for flavor and lastly Pat has some rage to get off his chest this week at the end, like usual!

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Episode 18 - off the dome piece

May 1st, 2019

Welcome to another week and another episode of PPG. This week we have Patrick to thank for what a horrible improv episode this has become. He went on vacation and it turns out... Chris kind of did too -- at least, mentally. Regardless, we're glad you're here and hope you enjoy this weeks episode as we try to piece some kind of content together for you to consume!

Maybe next week we'll get our act together? Let's hope so.

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episode 17 - Playstation 5 specs

April 24th, 2019

This week on PPG we hear about the upcoming vacation that Patrick will be taking and in the mean-time, a cat fight breaks out during the episode?! We cover some of the news that has come out regarding the disc-less Xbox One S, the Playstation 5 Specs, and the very dull gaming release schedule for May. At the end, it’s time for AYFKM (Are You Fucking Kidding Me) -- Chris has something to contribute this week but let's be honest... it's really about Patrick being the star of this segment with his salty tears.

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Episode 16 - LCS Finals and Board games

April 17th, 2019

On PPG this week we’re looking at changing things up and adding a bit more structure to how we do the show so you know roughly what to expect on a week to week basis. This is a trial, we’re certainly looking for feedback on these segments and how you feel they impact our show. Like we’ve done previously, we’ll talk about gaming news, and gaming tech but some addition segments that are a little more organic and fun for us!

With that being said, we cover LCS (League of Legends) Spring Finals, Board Games, WoW Changes, and Pat’s horrible experiences in Runescape.

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