episode 23 - e3 wishlist

This week on the episode Pat and Chris both have some life updates happening and we even get some cat stories out of the way! A lot happened at Computex the previous week so we talk about those announcements and cover the recently announced Death Stranding trailer and release date for the game... which is landing sooner than expected. Lastly this week we cover E3 as it is right around the corner and we go through our personal Wish List items of what we'd like to see announced at E3 this year. 


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  • Life Updates:

    • Chris:

      • Wisdom teeth coming out in July… Goodie

      • Suddenly has an obsession with Aquaponics…

    • Pat:

      • DND Campaign with locals coming up, he needs friendship!

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris:

      • Been replaying FF12 Zodiac Age on PC, posted a Tips/Tricks guide on our blog — check it out!

    • Pat:

      • Same ol’ games, different week

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Death Stranding

      • Official release date is Nov 8th, 2019… sooner than expected?

    • Computex Stuffs:

      • AMD Ryzen 3900x

        • 12 core / 24 threads @ $499

        • New x570 Motherboards

      • Steelseries Magnetic Mechanical Keyboards

        • Adjustable actuations

      • Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

        • Cool dual screen laptop!

    • E3 Wishlist:

      • Doom Eternal

      • FF7 Information

      • Halo Infinite

      • Spider-Man

      • Last of Us 2

      • Cyberpunk 2077

      • Fable 4

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • Nothing! Pat has nothing to rage about as he’s making great progress in games recently… who knew.