Episode 13 - cloud gaming

This week on PPG we discuss the awesome announcement from Google at the GDC 2019, but Google isn't the only company getting involved into the Cloud Gaming arena so we'll discuss all the other projects going on including some beta testing that Chris got to do with GeForce Now. This could be one heck of a year for the gaming industry when I comes to the technology being used to make gaming more accessible to everyone.

We'll also discuss the upcoming titles for April and what we're looking forward to seeing out there. Actually more excited of re-releases than some of the new additions into the gaming world for that month. Epic will also be in the conversation a little bit as they enter the news for lifting localized private information from steam clients which they haven't asked users for! That's a no no.

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode

We’ve got to dumb it down for those Americans ... they don’t even know how to play JRPGs
— Chris

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  • Video Games for April, Check the full list below!

  • Shameless plug for FFXII Zodiac Age - Tip Video

  • Epic Store

    • Accessing private localized information from Steam without user permission?!

    • Got caught and NOW they’re going to fix it… you know, after being caught.

  • Cloud Gaming

    • Microsoft xCloud

      • Basically the same as Shadow/Stadia but on the Microsoft Community

    • GeForce Now

      • Free Beta!

      • Beta, I've been testing throughout this week

        • Works great so far!

    • Google Stadia

      • Google Announces Stadia!

      • Leveraging YouTube features for uploads and Play Now functionality.

      • Rumored of $9/month for this service which would be insane.

    • Playstation Now already exists, will it die with the release of these competitors?

    • What does all this major competition mean for Shadow?

Don’t be sneaky little pieces of shit.
— Patrick