Episode 19 - Borderlands & Epic Games

Welcome to another week of PPG, we've got a lot to cover this week! Borderlands 3 Gameplay came out so we spend a good bit of time talking about our thoughts on what looks like a promising addition to the borderlands series. Gearbox Randy Pitchford loses his shit on twitter, which seems normal for him and Epic Games purchases the Rocket League Developer. This, of course, leads to all the review bombing you could ever want on steam... which we also talk a bit about because we. just. don't. get. it.

Few other minor topics thrown in there for flavor and lastly Pat has some rage to get off his chest this week at the end, like usual!

and you end up with 6 Razer Toasters
— Chris
I will spelunking in the fucking ass to find you buddy.
— Patrick

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  • Life Updates:

    • Apologies for the Spotify issues with the Episode last week, not sure what happened there. It was scheduled with plenty of time!

  • Loading Screen:

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Randy Pitchford (sp?) lost his shit on Twitter about the Borderlands 3 Micro-transactions due to a Game Informers article

      • Honestly this would have been a non-issue entirely had he just shut up and not whined. I don’t think anyone would have cared nearly as much as they do not because of his tantrum.

    • Epic Games purchases Rocket League Developer - review bombing begins.

      • Will they remove it from Steam? Doubt it

    • Sonic movie tweet says it will be re-worked as fans hate how he currently looks. I get it, so do I.

      • Thank god.

    • Razer Toaster?

      • Where is my Razer RGB Coffee Mug?!

    • Platinum Games announces that they’re working on a game that has NEVER been done before — no idea what that really means but they’ve made some incredible games so this is something to get hyped about.

    • Borderlands 3

      • Check out the Gameplay Reveal below

      • Lots of cool features being added and Chris is going to potentially pre-order it??? What?

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • PAT HATES League of Legends, yet loves it. Too many terrible, rage inducing moments within that game.

Game revolves around me, everything revolves around me.
— Patrick