Episode 15 - borderlands 3 and Risk of rain

Another week and another episode of PPG. On this weeks Episode we'll follow up a little bit about Chris' cat, Houdini, and some of the personality changes he's experience while she's been on medication. Patrick and Chris talk a bit about what they've been playing recently, as well as discuss Borderlands 3 and Risk of Rain 2 which was announced at Pax East this past week. Chris' tells about his potential trip to Thailand in 2020 and Patrick goes on a hunt for a new couch so his cat can rip it apart as soon as it gets delivered.

There’s another bubble.
— Chris

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  • Chris gives an update on Houdini

    • She’s got some interesting personality changes but she’s basically back to being her cute little self.

    • She cuddles so hard.

  • Patrick is very happy with the announcement of Borderlands 3, which is officially coming out on September 13th (peep the trailer).

    • Chris is indifferent currently, mostly because Borderlands 2 was lack luster to him.

  • Chris is taking a trip to Thailand?!

    • Patrick has had Durian, he hates it. Chris does too but he keeps trying it anyway.

  • Patrick has been playing RuneScape

  • Chris continues to just play Warframe… when will he stop?!

  • Risk of Rain 2 released

    • Patrick and Chris played quite a bit of this game throughout the weekend. Really enjoyable.

    • Check out the trailer here

You listened to us plan our lives people.
— Patrick