episode 7 - Favorite Moments in Gaming

In this episode we get an update from Pat on his cat and Chris gives a sudden update on Houdini’s health. We talk about Apex, a new battle royale, this week as it just released! It’s done very well so far but you’ll hear how we feel about the game so far and if we intend to continue playing it. We give you some of our favorite gaming moments over the years (not necessarily our favorite games).

Come join us in this weeks episode!

I developed like a stutter just trying to force myself through it.
— Patrick

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  • Minor update on Pat’s Cat.

    • Patrick’s Cat, Schmidt, dominates the household.

  • Chris tells us about what’s going on with Houdini and her traumatizing past.

    • She’s slowly been losing her fur over the past year.

    • Diet changes? Stress from moving?

  • Patrick and Chris discuss pills…

  • Stressed Cat? Consider this!

  • Devil May Cry 5 Demo Released on Xbox / PS4

    • Patrick, despite LOVING this series didn’t even play it?!

    • Thankfully Chris has played it.

  • Apex Legends, released this week and 10 Million Players in 3 days!

    • We discuss our thoughts on the game after 5+ hours of game play.

      • How it compares to other Battle Royale games

        • Classes

        • Weapons / Skins

        • Loot Rules

        • Lobby Time

        • Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping

  • Favorite Gaming Moments!

    • Games Mentioned:

      • The Walking Dead

      • The Last of Us

      • Final Fantasy 7

      • Call of Duty

      • God of War

Giving pills to cats is one thing that sends my frustration level from 0 to 10
— Chris