Episode 21 - Adult Video Games

Another week of PPG is among us and this episode got off the rails in a big way -- as if we don't already do that enough during this show.

Chris and Patrick discuss a bit about life updates, cats (RIP Grumpy Cat, sorry for the spoilers if you didn't know), and then get into the gaming news with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and finally wrapping it up with Mobile gaming. Wait a second though -- why is this label as Adult video games? 

Yeah. That's where we get off topic, we end up discussing adult video games for a good portion of the show and Chris talks about HuniePop -- which he claims is actually a good game despite the material it is based around!

We hope you enjoy this episode!


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  • Life Updates:

    • Grumpy Cat Died :(

    • Chris:

      • Debt free as of recent!

    • Patrick:

      • Getting ready to put a deposit down for a wedding venue - Congrats!

  • Loading Screen:

    • Chris has been playing Almost A Hero mobile game recently instead of Warframe… what?

      • Considered getting Rage 2 but decided it looks pretty boring and seems to be plagued with some technical issues.

  • Gaming / Tech News:

    • Sony & Microsoft teaming up to work on cloud gaming platform?!

    • Japanese Analyst says that PS5 will be out Nov 2020 and be $500 — excepted to sell 20 Million + units by March of 2021.

    • Nintendo Switch outsold PS4 in Japan - Wow!

      • Only took the switch two years to out sell a 4 year old console.

  • Are You FUCKING Kidding Me?

    • Nothing… sorry but Pat does read some interesting reviews off steam for you.