Purrfect Podcasters


patrick knepp


Patrick is a lover of cats, video games, and comics.

He is currently the supervisor for an optometrist office and loves his job. In his free time you can usually find him sitting in front of his computer wondering to himself why he is readying up for another game of League of Legends.

If not that he will be watching T.V. with his fiancé and complaining that his cats, Schmidt and Ekko, won’t lay with him. He long aspires to make friends with every cat in existence. Please help him do this by showing him pictures of your cat.


chris whitmer


By day Chris is a Revenue Manager for a large international hotel company, by night he’s just a guy that loves his cat and spending time with his girlfriend while sometimes getting online to play games with his friends.

Chris is a tech and data nerd at the core of it all. Always crafting new Excel spreadsheets with more advanced data and macros than the previous versions and looking for opportunities to upgrade the tech in his life or integrate new technology to his way of working.

Currently he owns just one cat, Houdini. A female black domestic short haired cat with high anxiety but a very sweet demeanor. She does not like strangers, mostly due to her somewhat traumatizing past.

He has fostered many cats in the past for a local no-kill shelter in the area and while he’s thought many times about becoming a foster “failure” he watched all of his previous foster cats get adopted into loving families and held off until meeting Houdini (her name was Ebony then) at a no kill shelter in Massachusetts, it was an instant connection.