Episode 1 - 2018 Review, 2019 Expectation

Welcome to Episode numero uno of our podcast. We are thrilled to have you here taking a listen to what we hope becomes a passion project for the two of us. We’re new to this process and content development but we hope you enjoy what we have to offer and stick around for the ride as we discuss some of our favorite topics; both gaming and cat related.

Hope you have a purrfect day
— Patrick
If it ever comes out, I will buy it for you... I take that back because you’re going to play this back to me.
— patrick

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  • Fallout 76 & Bethesda Studios:

    • Bethesda continues to run Fallout 76 into the ground with their policies and ridiculous micro-transactions. We discuss a little bit of the stuff going on with them and how it steered us away from the game. The community should be more cautious about how they spend their hard earned money and which publisher deserves it.

  • January 2019 Game Releases:

    • Patrick has never played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, so we talk briefly about how he’s missed such a significant franchise over the years. Conversation sadly gets sidetracked by cats!

      • We humor the idea of Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially having micro-transactions, though we’ve heard no confirmation about it one way or another.

    • Patrick is very excited for Devil May Cry 5, releasing on March 8th, 2019.

      • Patrick discusses his love of the previous DMC games.

      • Chris mentions Bayonetta 2 and… Patrick has never played it even though he really loves the DMC series.

    • Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming, Chris has fond memories of the original one and his looking forward to getting his hands on this Capcom classic.

    • Onimusha Warlords which is remaster of the original which Chris played as a kid. He enjoyed that game a lot and discusses his hopes for the remaster. Hopefully this game sparks enough interest to look at bringing back the Onimusha series.

  • Favorite Games of 2018:

    • We talk about some of the great games released for the year.

    • Patrick talks about some of the challenges of trying to catch up on the new games that were released in 2018 but talks about Dead Cells which he has put a lot of hours into before and after the “Early Access”.

      • The conversation takes a turn to rogue-like games and some of their better and worst purchasing decisions over the past year.

  • We discuss Diablo 3, the rough road Diablo 3 has had over the years and the Mobile game announcement of Diablo Immortals which hasn’t been received well by the community.

    • Along with this we talk about some of the moves Blizzard / Activision is making to their employment structure.

  • Upcoming Games / Consoles and Exclusives:

    • Chris discusses his thoughts around The Last of Us 2.

    • PS5 to release a streaming console for 2019 as a budget option and then a full on 4k console for 2020?

      • Discussed Shadow streaming and the features it brings.


    • Patrick loves WoW and we discuss some of the “WoW Killers” that have come over the years but WoW still stands, though on shaky ground compared to its past.

  • Steam and Early Access games

No, I want to always remember him in this cute little body
— patrick
4k at 250, 240 frames per second - yeah that’s not going to happen.
— Chris