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We hope you enjoy our site, but more importantly, our podcast. If you’re new here then be warned that we tend to get off topic while discussing the topic we’ve lined up for ours. If you’ve got suggestions, feedback, or topics you’d like to hear us discuss feel free to contact us through the website or via Twitter.


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episode 33 - making your way, in the world today

August 14th, 2019

This week we feel compelled to bring up the video game violence topic as it became a major issue since our recording last week. It doesn't get political though, neither of us want that but it does get a little weird. We discuss the Gold announcement of Borderlands 3, some bullshit from Take 2 Interactive and a few other nuggets going on in the gaming community right now but ultimately Pat shares something that causes a disruption in the flow of conversation and ultimately ruins the rest of the episode... if you want to see what that is, you can find it in the show notes on the website.

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episode 32 - what even is this

August 7th, 2019

Maybe we didn't prepare well for this episode or maybe, just maybe, the gaming industry doesn't have exciting news each week and sometimes the best we have to work with (beyond our own nonsense) is Ninja moving from 1 Streaming Platform to another with an exclusivity deal. We also cover the August games coming out which is sadly not all that exciting either! We do talk a bit about movies, which is not normal for us but it's brief and we get back on track. TLDR: Chris hates good movies.

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Episode 31 - Special Guest Returns!

July 31st, 2019

This week we're celebrating on passing 30 episodes by bringing in a guest! We haven't had a guest in quite awhile and our friend Alex was looking forward to getting back on the show so we've brought him back for another round! We'll find out what he's been playing this year, what his GOTY is so far, and what games he is looking forward to playing. As always, we've got some gaming and tech content we'll discuss and Alex was kind enough to bring some AYFKM "Are you f*cking kidding me?" topics for this weeks episode.

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